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02.- Services
We have packed thousands of Containers!
                    Yes, we export Used Engines & Parts.
- International container shipping with complete documentation for:
*Automobiles *Motorcycles *Boats *Heavy equipment *Goods
- Freight forwarding
- Assist with transportation from any location in the US
- Capable of opening auto auction accounts for our customers
- Cut and dismantle automobiles

All America is here for you!

Ocean Freight and Documentation
- We can order bookings for any ship line our customer needs
- Make all paperwork required to ship your containers without a problem, this includes: clearing titles and making bill of ladings if needed
- International ocean freight bill of lading in the International shipping ocean freight industry also referred as a B/L or BOL. This shipping document used for shipping freight overseas by sea issued by an International ocean freight carrier acknowledging that specified goods have been received on board as cargo for conveyance to a named place, for delivery to the consignee. Besides other points, the international ocean freight bill of lading serves the following purposes:
1. It is an evidence of a contract of carriage between ocean freight carrier and shipper.
2. It is a receipt for goods
3. It is a document of title on shipped goods.
There are number of different types of international ocean freight bill of ladings used in the ocean freight shipping industry for export and import goods from and to the USA. Here are two most commonly used types of NON-NEGOTIABLE international ocean freight bill of ladings:

*Express release ocean freight bill of lading = Telex release = Surrender and;
Release endorsed upon a set of originals ocean freight bill of lading

 International Shipping
- We work with 20’ 40’ and 45’ containers. We can load 3-6 cars on a container. The container size depends on the size of the automobiles that are being loaded
- Loading is safely done to avoid any damage to the product being transported, and are loaded in a way that they are easy to unload at the point of arrival
- Shipping includes: automobiles, motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment, and goods
-We load and ship from different ports in America (California,Florida,Newark,Texas and Honolulu) and we do shipping too from Canada
 Cutting and Dismantling
- We cut/dismantle according to our customers' needs.
- We cut/dismantle in the following ways: front and rear clips after taking out all doors, hood, fenders, differentials, trunks, tires, rims, sun roofs, plastic's, seats, mirrors, suspensions, gas tank,… etc
- We Can dismantle the car without cutting, by removing the engine and transmission from the automobile.
-We can cut and load 10-16 cars by front and rear clips with all the other parts for the cars
-we can dismantling and load 20-30 cars by engine and transmission with all the other parts
-We start cutting the cars for the customer when we have all the cars ready in our location , and our customers can bring the cars little by little and we store them in our location until the customer have all the cars and we start cutting and loading the cars in the container.
-After we dismantling the cars each part was dismantled will be marked with a pen by car model and year
- Assist with towing/transportation from any location of the 50 states
- That is, from any auction, and/or home address
- We take the vehicle to our closest shipping location (CA, TX, FL, and NJ)
- We take the vehicle as soon as possible it's paid at the auction
 Auction Accounts
- We are members of the best auctions in America and are capable of opening a new account for our customers if needed so
- Auctions include:  IAAI, Copart, Manheim, Salvage Now, Total Resource Auctions.
We can as well purchase automobiles, motorcycles etc from Ebay and other websites, we are also able to give our customers a special account with a username and password for any auction needed.
 All America is the Solution!.


H a v e   A   Q u e s t i o n ?
A L L   A M E R I C A   i s   h e r e   t o   h e l p   y o u!
We offer estimates and try to meet your expectations for your satisfaction. Your cargo is tracked every step of the way so that you are kept informed, all our packages are insured until final destination is reached. Safe & Reliable services is what ALL AMERICA is all about.
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